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40th Class Reunion August 22 and 23 2003
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admin Denfeld 63
08-24-2003 02:16pm
Share your memories of our 40 year reuinion for those who could not make it.  While you are online...update your classmate info too......add a current photo or be sure to make your email address available.

Re: 40th Class Reunion August 22 and 23 2003
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Dale Clausen
08-24-2003 02:26pm
Thanks to the committee members who worked to bring the reunion together. It was an event that brought a variety of emotions. The memorial board was poignant with classmates (and myself)simply standing in awe, pondering past times. I was able to visit with many old friends and many I do not see between reunions but have been an important part of my past.
The dance floor became quite a display of spirited classmates simply having fun. Kim McIsaac was the indisputable 'king of dance' as he loco-motioned the whole group out onto the dance floor (a distinction he won by not being able to name the first two Beatle songs recorded nationally). He gyrated the floor with new steps, the likes of which have not be heretofor witnessed (well maybe if you were standing in a fire). And, sorry Clarice for taking your seat at the dinner table.
Take care all, thanks again for a great time. Please send me a note.

Re: 40th Class Reunion August 22 and 23 2003
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Kim McIsaac
08-24-2003 10:52pm
'oh what a night'! I had a total blast Saturday nite on and off the dance floor! Regalling with my classmates, again, brought back a lot of memories of old times having fun and laughter. We have such a great class of down to earth , fun-loving and caring people. What an honor to be a part of the Class of 63. I was so pleased to encounter some buddies from the Lincoln days, espescially Ron Koski. Other special buddies included Dale Clauson, Dick Sobzcak,Bob Hendrickson,Tom Majchrzak and Bill Listerud. I was moved by classmates Ron Sillanpa and Lorna Drill Rapsys who shared about the recent loss of their spouses and also by the memorial. Thanks to Mary,Marcia, Russ and the committee for all your months of work , so we could enjoy several hours of great fun and fellowship. A special thanks to all the girls at the 'round table' who helped me in attaining the illustious distinction (according to Dale Clauson) of 'King of the Dance Floor'.      Love Ya Class of 63     Kim

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