Denfeld High School Class of 1963
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Denfeld High School Class of 1963 - Classmates

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Number of classmates: 400
Adams, Peggy (Unlisted)
Adolphson, Janice Email Address
Albertson, Barbara View Photo Email Address (Deceased)
Aldahl, Linda Email Address
Alvord, David (Deceased)
Andersen, Mark Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address (Deceased)
Andersen, Rudolph (Missing)
Anderson, Alan Email Address
Anderson, Barbara (Deceased)
Anderson, Berdyne (Deceased)
Anderson, Cathy (Missing)
Anderson, Cheryl (Unlisted)
Anderson, Claudia (Deceased)
Anderson, David J. (Unlisted)
Anderson, David R. (Unlisted)
Anderson, Dennis 'Skip' Mailing Address Email Address (Deceased)
Anderson, Larry Email Address
Anderson, Linda (Missing)
Anderson, Marcia (Marcy) Email Address
Anderson, Sandra (Deceased)
Anderson, Sherryl (Deceased)
Anderson, Thomas Email Address
Anderson, Timothy G. (Unlisted)
Armbrust, Gary G. (Unlisted)
Asher, Ramona (Unlisted)
Atchison, Mary Ellen Phone Numbers Email Address
Bates, Mary Alice (Unlisted)
Beaulier, Joanne (Unlisted)
Berg, Cathy (Unlisted)
Billington, Robert (Unlisted)
Blazejak, Thomas (Unlisted)
Boris, Joyce (Unlisted)
Bradt, William (Unlisted)
Brayden, James (Unlisted)
Breitbach, Richard (Unlisted)
Britton, Claire (Unlisted)
Brock, Harry (Unlisted)
Brosdal, Jeanne Email Address
Brosseau, Gregory (Unlisted)
Brostrom, Vicki (Unlisted)
Bruno, Michael (Unlisted)
Bubacz, Charlene (Deceased)
Bujold, William (Unlisted)
Burak, Clement Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Bussa, Diane Email Address
Campbell, John Phone Numbers Email Address
Carlson, Barbara (Unlisted)
Carlson, Don (Unlisted)
Carlson, Gene Phone Numbers Email Address
Carlson, Joyce (Unlisted)
Carpentier, JoAnn (Unlisted)
Carroll, Joe (Unlisted)
Cartier, Janice Phone Numbers
Cassel, Susan Email Address
Catlin, Merhyl (Unlisted)
Christiansen, Karen Email Address
Christiansen, Pam (Unlisted)
Cieluch, Thomas (Deceased)
Clancey, Michael (Deceased)
Clark, Douglas (Deceased)
Clauson, Dale Email Address
Connor, Joanne (Unlisted)
Cox, Robert View Biography (Deceased)
Cox, Sandra (Missing)
Crooks, Charlene (Unlisted)
Curtis, William (Unlisted)
Dahl, Susan View Biography & Photo Mailing Address Email Address (Deceased)
Dale, Clifford (Missing)
Danielson, Ronald Email Address
Danz, Richard Email Address
Dathe, Linda (Unlisted)
Davidson, Diane Email Address
DeBruzzi, David Mailing Address
DePhillip, Sandra (Unlisted)
DeSalvo, Toni (Unlisted)
DeSmedt, Richard (Deceased)
Dishington, Gerald (Deceased)
Disrud, Allore (Unlisted)
Doering, Louis Email Address (Deceased)
Dowell, Jean (Missing)
Downs, Sharon Email Address
Drawz, Mary (Missing)
Drill, Lorna (Unlisted)
Duffy, Pat Email Address (Deceased)
Durand, Mary (Unlisted)
Eckman, Margaret Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Eckstrom, Patricia (Deceased)
Economy, Douglas (Deceased)
Edblad, Nancy (Unlisted)
Edstrom, Linda Email Address (Deceased)
Edwardson, E. Larry (Deceased)
Effinger, Patricia View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address
Ehle, Thomas (Unlisted)
Eklund, William (Deceased)
Elberling, Gladys (Missing)
Emerson, Robert (Unlisted)
Eng, Marilyn (Deceased)
Engstrom, William Email Address
Erickson, Larry (Unlisted)
Erickson, Raymond View Biography Email Address
Erickson, Susan (Unlisted)
Esko, Lynn (Unlisted)
Fagre, Arlene (Unlisted)
Fisher, Janie Email Address
Foster, Gary (Deceased)
Foster, Jack (Deceased)
Fox, Steven (Deceased)
Francisco, Patrick View Biography (Unlisted)
Frenette, Edward Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address Business Website
Gabrielson, Laura (Unlisted)
Galvin, Yvonne (Deceased)
Georgesen, Russell View Photo Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Gerard, Kenneth Email Address
Glad, Virginia (Deceased)
Godfrey, Margaret (Deceased)
Gordon, Mary (Unlisted)
Gotchie, Judy (Unlisted)
Greeney, Mary Jane Email Address
Grover, Patricia (Unlisted)
Grussendorf , Kathy Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Guindon, Sue (Missing)
Gunderson, Ronald (Missing)
Gustafson, Dale Email Address
Gyllen, Joanne (Deceased)
Halverson, Claudia Email Address (Deceased)
Hammerstedt, Karen (Deceased)
Handris, Judy (Deceased)
Hansen, Donald (Deceased)
Hansen, Glenn (Unlisted)
Hansen, Kay (Karelyn) View Biography Email Address
Hanson, Joyce Email Address (Deceased)
Harrison, Judith (Unlisted)
Hartranft, Leroy (Missing)
Haupert, William (Deceased)
Hautala, Sharon (Unlisted)
Hawkinson, Garry (Unlisted)
Helmer, Susan (Unlisted)
Hendrickson, Robert View Biography Email Address (Deceased)
Hermanson, Craig (Unlisted)
Hicks, David (Unlisted)
Hobart, Susan (Unlisted)
Holberg, James (Deceased)
Homewood, William (Unlisted)
Honkala, Marilyn Email Address
Hooey, Jay (Deceased)
Houle, Marie (Deceased)
Houle, Tom (Unlisted)
Howard, Lynne Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Hoyum, Barb (Unlisted)
Hughes, Robert (Missing)
Hulbert, Kathy (Missing)
Hyland, Cheryl (Unlisted)
Ingram, John (Unlisted)
Jablonski, Tom (Unlisted)
Jackson, Ginger (Unlisted)
Jackson, Ken (Unlisted)
Jacobs, Claudia (Unlisted)
Jacobs, Roger Email Address
Jacobson, Judy (Deceased)
Jacobson, Larry View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Jacobson, Susan (Unlisted)
Jeanetta, Mary Ann Mailing Address Email Address
Jentoft, Larry (Unlisted)
Johnson, Alan Email Address (Deceased)
Johnson, Andrew (Deceased)
Johnson, Arlen (Deceased)
Johnson, Clayton (Unlisted)
Johnson, Dale Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Johnson, Dennis H View Biography Email Address
Johnson, Dennis M. (Deceased)
Johnson, Faye (Unlisted)
Johnson, Gary (Missing)
Johnson, Hazel (Unlisted)
Johnson, James (Deceased)
Johnson, Karl (Unlisted)
Johnson, Lyle (Deceased)
Johnson, Norman (Unlisted)
Johnson, Paul M. (Deceased)
Johnson, Ray (Unlisted)
Johnson, Stephen (Unlisted)
Johnson, William (Unlisted)
Judeen, Roger (Missing)
Kanios, Linda (Deceased)
Kari, Ronald (Unlisted)
Karlson, Sharon (Unlisted)
Kaspari, Susan (Unlisted)
Killian, Jonathan (Unlisted)
Kinsman, Annie (Unlisted)
Knudsen, Dale (Missing)
Kolu, James (Deceased)
Korhonen, Jerry (Unlisted)
Koski, Roger (Unlisted)
Koski, Ronald (Deceased)
Kreager, David Email Address
Kuberra, Mary Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Kucharski, Sandra (Unlisted)
Kucinski, Dian (Unlisted)
Kucza, Janet (Deceased)
Kuras, Patricia (Deceased)
Kynell, Marie View Biography Email Address
Lange, Leora (Missing)
Lanthier, Linda (Deceased)
Larson, Carol (Unlisted)
Larson, Terrie View Biography Email Address
Lassila, Carol (Deceased)
Lear, William (Deceased)
Lee, Dwayne (Unlisted)
Lee, Gene (Deceased)
Lehto, Karen (Unlisted)
Leitzke, Eugene (Missing)
Leland, Linda (Unlisted)
Lepak, Kathy (Unlisted)
Liberty, Claudia (Unlisted)
Linder, Lee Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address AIM Screenname
Lindorff, Beverly (Deceased)
Listerud, William (Unlisted)
Lockhart, Kathleen (Unlisted)
Loining, Connie (Unlisted)
Lostrom, Jane (Unlisted)
Love, Carol (Missing)
Lovejoy, Dorothy (Missing)
Lund, Roger (Missing)
Lundberg, Carl (Unlisted)
Lundeen, Joyce (Unlisted)
Mahonen, Hilkka (Unlisted)
Mailhot, Ron Email Address
Mainella, Cindy (Deceased)
Majchrzak, Tom (Unlisted)
Makela, Judith (Unlisted)
Maki, Elizabeth (Missing)
Marion, Bonnie (Deceased)
Marion, Thomas (Unlisted)
Marshall, Kathleen (Unlisted)
Matson, Karen (Unlisted)
Mattson, Judith (Unlisted)
Maxa, Nancy (Unlisted)
McCubbin, Robert View Biography Email Address
McDonald, Jennette (Deceased)
McDonald, John Phone Numbers Email Address Personal Website
McIsaac, Kim View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers
McKeen, Lorna Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
McLellan, Gloria (Unlisted)
McVean, Ronald View Biography Email Address
Melander, Kay (Missing)
Mergener, Mary (Deceased)
Merrill, Judy (Unlisted)
Mickolajak, Gary (Deceased)
Miller, Kathleen (Kate) (Unlisted)
Miller, Richard (Deceased)
Miltakis, Chester (Unlisted)
Miskowski, Linda View Biography (Deceased)
Mitchell, Alan (Deceased)
Monson, Dennis (Unlisted)
Morris, Judith (Unlisted)
Morris, Kenneth (Deceased)
Moyle, Kay (Missing)
Murphy, Darrell (Missing)
Muscatello, Homer (Deceased)
Myre, Kenneth (Deceased)
Narusevich, Aldona (Unlisted)
Nelson, Albert (Deceased)
Nelson, Charlot Email Address
Nelson, Dexter Email Address
Nelson, Doris Email Address
Nelson, Helen (Missing)
Nelson, Mary Lynn (Missing)
Nelson, Robert (Missing)
Nieman, John (Unlisted)
Nordgren, Norman (Deceased)
Nyquist, Marcia View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address
Nystrom, Dick (Unlisted)
O'Brien, Margaret (Unlisted)
O'Day, Judith (Unlisted)
Odegard, Gary (Missing)
Olafson, David (Unlisted)
Olsen, Geraldine (Deceased)
Olson, Charles (Unlisted)
Olson, Charlotte Email Address
Olson, Diane (Unlisted)
Olson, Gary Lee Email Address
Olson, Robert (Unlisted)
Olson, Sandra (Unlisted)
Olson, Sharon (Missing)
Ossanna, Chuck (Unlisted)
Paczynski, Thomas (Deceased)
Paquette, Robert Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Patrick, Jim Mailing Address
Paulick, Glenn Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Pawlowicz, Dan (Deceased)
Pearson, Cheryl (Unlisted)
Pearson, Karen (Unlisted)
Pederson, Gail (Unlisted)
Pederson, Mary Jane (Unlisted)
Pensak, Thomas (Deceased)
Peterson, Douglas View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Peterson, Merlin Mailing Address
Peyton, Gerald (Deceased)
Peyton, John (Unlisted)
Pirinen, Elaine (Unlisted)
Plath, Gloria (Unlisted)
Pufall, Mary (Unlisted)
Quade, Kenneth (Deceased)
Redenbaugh, Gerald Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address YIM Screenname (Deceased)
Reick, Don (Missing)
Reynolds, Roberta (Unlisted)
Rice, Dan Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address (Deceased)
Rich, Joe (Unlisted)
Ricker, Carole (Unlisted)
Ripley, Dave (Deceased)
Ritchie, Clyde (Unlisted)
Robbins, Roy (Deceased)
Ronn, Renee (Unlisted)
Roseen, Clarice (Unlisted)
Rotondi, Tony Email Address
Rudberg, Peggy (Unlisted)
Ryan, Kathleen (Kathie) View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers
Salmonson, Thomas (Unlisted)
Sandberg, Forrest Email Address
Sandberg, Walter (Unlisted)
Sande, Lenore (Missing)
Saulie, Betty (Unlisted)
Schilla, Herb (Deceased)
Schilling, Clyde (Unlisted)
Schnorr, Verlie (Deceased)
Schweiger, Gene Mailing Address Email Address
Seger, Linda Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Shaw, Betty (Unlisted)
Sillanpa, Ronald Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Siverson, Carol Email Address
Slater, Wayne (Unlisted)
Slaviero, Patricia (Unlisted)
Smith, Larry (Unlisted)
Smith, Ronald (Unlisted)
Smith, Ted (Deceased)
Snyder, Sharon (Unlisted)
Sobczak, Richard (Unlisted)
Soderstedt, Carol View Biography Email Address
Sondeland, Linda (Unlisted)
Sorenson, Jackie (Unlisted)
Southwick, Jack (Missing)
Southwick, Suzanne (Unlisted)
St. Marie, Glenn View Biography Mailing Address (Deceased)
Sternal, Marlyn (Unlisted)
Stone, Carl (Unlisted)
Stone, Janet Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Stover, Anita Email Address
Stromgren, Bonnie Email Address
Sundquist, Lois (Unlisted)
Swanson, Carol (Unlisted)
Swanson, Linda (Unlisted)
Swanson, Richard (Deceased)
Switzer, Judy Phone Numbers Email Address
Taival, Robert Email Address
Tasky, William R. Email Address
Taylor, JoAnn View Biography (Unlisted)
Telega, Darrell (Missing)
Tesser, Thomas View Biography (Deceased)
Thiessen, Susan Email Address
Timo, Darwin (Missing)
Tollerud, Richard View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address
Tonius, Terry (Unlisted)
Torgerson, Donald (Unlisted)
Udovich, Kathleen (Missing)
Undeen, Barbara (Unlisted)
Varhalla, Linda (Deceased)
Veillet, Dan (Unlisted)
Venier, Dianna (Unlisted)
Viner, Ellis (Unlisted)
Vork, Marvel (Unlisted)
Vrdoljak, Michelle (Deceased)
Walczak, Cathy Email Address
Waller, Gary (Deceased)
Waller, James (Unlisted)
Walli, Jack (Deceased)
Walstrom, Claudia (Deceased)
Warner, Carol (Missing)
Wasyliszyn, Edward (Unlisted)
Wells, Bruce (Unlisted)
Wentkiewicz, Anthony (Deceased)
Werschay, Frank (Unlisted)
Werschay, Judith (Unlisted)
Werschay, Mary Email Address
Westman, John Email Address
Whalen, William Email Address
Wick, Wanda (Unlisted)
Wieringa, Robert (Missing)
Williams, Lloyd (Unlisted)
Williams, Robert (Deceased)
Willis, Mary Email Address
Wilson, Timothy (Deceased)
Wimmer, Rudy (Unlisted)
Windus, Mary (Deceased)
Wingness, Duane (Unlisted)
Witkofsky, Jr, William (Unlisted)
Yeager, Jim Email Address
Yernberg, William View Biography Email Address
Young, John (Unlisted)
Zanko, Gary (Unlisted)
Zanko, Mary Email Address (Deceased)
Zeh, Diane (Unlisted)

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